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Charting the Course for Change

A 2015 Report on the Status of Women in SC

Download the 2015 Report on the Status of Women in SC (.pdf format).

The Center for Women has conducted programs and services for 25 years to improve opportunities for women.  As we look forward to the next 25 years, we must consider what steps are most important in our advocacy work for women and our state.  Issues that affect women affect everyone.  Our goal is to articulate the challenges that we face as a state that limit woemen's economic success.  We have coined the term 'Charting the Course for Change' to describe or vision of what the citizens of South Carolina can do to create these necessary changes.

We assembled a group of experts in various fields across the state to tackle this complex project.  This group, the Task Force, worked for eight months to focus on four key indicator areas that are targeted here in our first report.  The Task Force also determined priority goals to be addressed.  Together, we created a plan:  Charting a Course for Change.

The Riley Center worked with the staff at the Center for Women to determine how best to capture the complex issues identified by the Task Force.  the Faculty and research staff at the Riley Center used reputable sources to address the questions raised by the Task Force.  When necessary, original data was collected, compiled, and analyzed using best practices.