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Regional Economic Scorecard

Download the 2014 Regional Economic Scorecard (.pdf format)

Since 2010, the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, in conjunction with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce has released an annual assessment of the economic well-being of the Charleston region, compared to other peer and aspirational regions around the country.  The scorecard provides the region’s business, governmental, community and academic leaders with unbiased data to help focus a collective effort to address any weaknesses and maintain positive momentum.  The 2014 Regional Economic Scorecard is the fifth annual assessment of our three-county region’s economic progress compared to six similar metro areas and two leading economies.

The scorecard is comprised of four indecies:  Human Capital, Innovative Activity, Entrepreneurial Environment, and Quality of Place.  Each index is then made up of several indicators; data on various topics gathered from federal government data-sources.  The peer and aspirational regions are then "scored" based on this data and benchmarked against the national average (indexed at a score of 100).  Furthermore, these indicators are compared to baseline values from 2005, rather than year-to-year changes.

The Riley Center was contracted by the CRDA and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce to perform the data collection and base analysis for the scorecard.

For more information on the economic scorecard, its methodology, and the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, please visit their website here.