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Housing and Food Insecurity Studies

Download the 2014 Housing Blueprint (.pdf format)

Building on the model of the Regional Economic Scorecard, in 2014 the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors and the South Carolina Community Loan Fund contacted the Riley Center with the idea of developing a "scorecard" type model to specifically look at housing issues in the Tri-County region.  This was done due to the fact that, year after year, the Charleston region ranked last in terms of housing affordability.

The Housing Blueprint was designed to determine what underlying issues surrounding houing in the Charleston region were causing this low ranking. The key issues/questions addressed in the blueprint are:  Density, Cost, Transportation, and Construction.  Similarly to the economic scorecard, each of these areas is then broken down into key points or indicators.  To maintain consistency in comparison with the economic scorecard, the same eight peer regions were examined along these same lines:  Austin TX, Greenville SC, Jacksonville FL, Knoxville TN, Lexington KY, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA, and Savannah GA.

For more information, please visit the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors, and the South Carolina Community Loan Fund.

Download the 2017 College of Charleston Student Survey: Nutrition and Housing Needs and Appendix

This study was performed in 2017 in order to assess food and housing insecurities present among College of Charleston undergraduate and graduate students.  In particular, it aimed to:

  • Estimate the incidence of food insecurity and housing insecurity among College of Charleston students
  • Seek to understand characteristics associated with and groups most vulnerable to food and housing insecurity
  • Examine self-reported consequences of this on academic performance and student well-being
  • Prepare for a larger study of youth food and housing needs in Charleston County

For more information, please contact Robert Kahle at